True to her roots, Maltese fashion designer Ritienne Zammit, has summoned some of the largest applause's in Malta Fashion Week history. Her designs, famously unconventional and historically inspirational, have won the hearts of the Maltese community. This brand has stapled itself into the local fashion scene through its precise tailoring,off beat construction details, and strong political messages.

To experience a fashion show produced by Ritienne Zammit, is to experience a requiem of eccentric fabrics and materials,juxtaposed into an emotional story. Expertise in tailoring and attention to detail ties together all of the pieces of this intricate political puzzle and transcends this catwalk experience into an unfolding rebellious artist’s dream.
Last year’s collection, “L-omm li tatna isimha!” inspired by rebellious Maltese history, mixed this inspiration with the ever so popular comic theme of last years runways. This bold line, who got its name from the lyrics of the Maltese National Anthem, recognized several Maltese patrons whose patriotic statements shone through the collection. Translating to “The Mother who gave us our name,” “L-omm li tatna isimha!” gave spectators a renewed appreciation of their own name along with their country’s proud identity.

Preceding this collection was “Amen,” a collection inspired by the Baroque interiors of Maltese churches. Although traditional, the church’s elaboration fails to coincide with the rapid desertion of faith in today’s society. Through the collection’s rich fabrics,ornately embellished design, and provocative facet, “Amen” challenges and questions the message of the Catholic religion and its elaboration.

It is no surprise that Ritienne Zammit has been awarded 'The Most Outstanding Student of the Year' Award from 2009-10 at MCAST in collaboration with the Malta Society of Arts as well as the 'New Designer Award' in 2013 at the Malta Fashion Awards. Her skill, dedication, and fearlessness have pushed the boundaries of fashion to create a timeless, poetic brand.

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